Blog Prior to a house wash preparations Mar 04, 2024

  • Prior to having your house washed, there are a few important preparations to consider to ensure a successful and effective cleaning process. Here are some key steps to take before the professionals arrive to perform a house wash:

1. Remove any obstacles: Before the pressure washing or soft washing begins, make sure to clear the area around your house of any obstacles. This includes outdoor furniture, decorations, potted plants, and any other items that may be in the way. By removing these objects, you will allow the professionals to have easy access to all surfaces of your home.

2. Close all windows and doors: It is important to close and secure all windows and doors before the house washing process begins. This will prevent water from seeping into your home and causing damage to the interior. Make sure to lock all windows and doors to ensure they stay closed throughout the cleaning.

3. Cover delicate plants and shrubs: If you have delicate plants, flowers, or shrubs near your house, it is a good idea to cover them with plastic or tarp to protect them from the cleaning solutions and high-pressure water. This will prevent any damage to your landscaping and ensure that your plants remain healthy and vibrant.

4. Trim back overhanging branches: If there are any tree branches hanging over your house, make sure to trim them back before the house wash. This will not only make the cleaning process easier for the professionals, but it will also prevent any damage to your roof or siding from falling debris during the cleaning.

5. Check for any loose or damaged siding: Before the house wash, carefully inspect your siding for any loose or damaged pieces. If you notice any issues, make sure to address them before the cleaning begins. This will prevent further damage and ensure that your siding is properly cleaned and restored.

6. Communicate with the professionals: Finally, be sure to communicate with the pressure washing or soft washing professionals about any specific areas of concern or instructions you may have. Whether you have sensitive surfaces that require special treatment or specific areas that need extra attention, it is important to share this information with the professionals to ensure the best possible results.

By following these preparations prior to a house wash, you can help ensure a smooth and effective cleaning process that will leave your home looking fresh and renewed. Remember, proper preparation is key to a successful house wash and will help to extend the life of your home's exterior surfaces. If you have any questions or concerns about the preparations for a house wash, don't hesitate to reach out to All Work Services and Construction for expert advice and professional assistance.

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